Bamboo Uganda - Tremendous Potential  

 14th of october 2023: Interview with Pieter Huys

 A few days ago, I visited my friend Pieter, who co-founded the project Bamboo Uganda with some partners. The company is incredibly inspiring and has tremendous potential. Here are some insights into the company 

… when and why did you start the project? 

We started in 2021. The aim of the project is to maximize social and environmental impact by setting up a new industry/value chain in Uganda. 


 … why Bamboo and why Uganda? Why is it a good combination?
Bamboo is widely available in Uganda but underappreciated as it is called the "poor men's timber". Bamboo Uganda aims to unlock the full potential of bamboo on an industrial scale. Uganda has a favorable climate to grow bamboo, people are friendly and eager to work/learn new skills.

… what are your current challenges? 

- little knowledge about the charateristics / potential of bamboo among the people and government (althoug their is a 10y bamboo strategy). 

- very small local market as furniture makers, construction companies, architects... have limited skills/knowledge to integrate bamboo in their product portfolio 

- funding needed to scale up our (export) activities  


 … what is the potential for bamboo in Uganda? 

Unlimited as it can serve overtime both local markets (Uganda and (East-)Africa) and oversees (mainly Europe). With the "green wave", Europe is heavily looking for biobased materials. Bamboo is currently predominantly coming from China but EU players are looking for alternatives. Competing with China based on price will be very difficult but difference can be made with social and environmental excellence (i.e. transparant value chain, traceability, safety standards & wages...).    


…and why should we visit bamboo Uganda?
To see with your own eyes how you can start up a business from scratch in Uganda and let it grow rapidely. 

To see the impact you can make on people's live by creating employment.

Thanks Pieter for the interview..

If Bamboo Uganda has piqued your interest, join our entrepreneurial journey to Uganda from February 2nd to 8th 2024 and gain exciting insights into the company and its enormous potential.